Casting Notice



On July 5th, 2019, the Gettysburg National Park Service will be hosting an immersive experience for battlefield visitors at 7:30 p.m..

Hundreds of people have attended over the last three years.

As they walk through areas from Spangler’s Spring through Culp’s Hill, Reenactors will portray grave digger details from the 2nd Massachusetts & 27th Indiana (12th Corps), cleaning up the battlefield.

Groups among the burial details would have been instructed to pick up usable gear – leathers, canteens, guns, packs, etc. – for refitting and redistribution. After all, that’s government property.

Reenactors are needed to portray these men picking up debris among the path and stops along the tour. Using your own extra pieces, pile them in areas around you, as you “clean up” for the passing tour group.

We would like you to bring Picks, Shovels, & Spades to simulate the diggers, as well as rifles for stacks in the background. (No, you won’t be digging the ground.  SIMULATE IT.)

Uniform guidelines are as such – Federal Forage Cap, Fatigue Blouse (sack coat), or State Jacket (27th Indiana had some),  Sky blue trousers, proper shirt – issued or civilian style ok.

PLEASE MARK YOUR STUFF!!! We will NOT be responsible for lost items.

The set-up would start at 5:30 P.M. and breakdown begins right after the last group goes by. If you have plastic bins full of stuff, you can leave the bin on site and cover it with a wool or gum blanket, then it’ll be easier for you to break down.

Parking in that area is non-existent. I recommend stopping on the route area we assign you, dropping your gear and we can organize shuttles to a spot where we can park. (Details coming soon)

We are going to limit this to 30 Reenactors.

It’s preferred that you are local to Gettysburg, as the program only last a short time. If you are willing to come from a distance, we would love to have you, too!

Fill out this form and if you are in the first batch of 30, we will be emailing you to let you know. Those who are not picked will be put on a wait list in the event that someone drops out.


Further details will be emailed soon.

Hope to see you there!!