Civil War Parade Shoot



Old Timey Casting has been excited to get back to filming!

We are tasked with finding Civil War Civilian and Military Reenactors for a continuing filmshoot we have been working on since earlier this year.

The Information:

When: – September 21, 2021
Where:- Landis Valley Village & Museum, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Clothing:– 1862 Civilian & Infantry
Rate: $200 paid same day!
Synopsis: This will be a scene where a big recruitment parade is taking place. There will be bands playing patriotic tunes and the Civilian population are seeing their boys off to war. We need Reenactors to portray the crowd and soldiers marching off to war.

How To Submit – Click HERE to fill out the Submission form, which includes a link to upload Two (2) photos of yourself, which will be submitted to the Production for approval. Should your submission be approved, we will contact you with further information.

If you have a friend or family member who has a Civil War outfit – have them submit! One submission per person, please!

Communication emails will be coming from

We look forward to seeing you in the field again!