Welcome! Are you filming an historical project? Are you looking for historical hosts for your event?  You will need Costuming & Props Consultation and Rentals, Reenactor casting, & all the elements needed for the most authentic production.  Look no further!  We are here to help!

Old Timey Casting, LLC. is the home of the best film-ready Reenactors &  Actors for all sorts of projects.  From feature films, TV shows, Commercials, Event Hosts, & Historical Tours, Old Timey Casting, LLC. has successfully brought the best-of-the-best to the big screen, small screen, and bringing realism to your historical experience!

From the French & Indian War era to the Vietnam era, we have you covered!

Be unique.  Bring REAL history to the big screen.  From our Background Talent to our Principal Talent; from Military Training to Historical Advisement, we can provide the best fit for your project.

Ask around.  Old Timey Casting, LLC.  only delivers high-quality professional services.

We are the best choice for a reason… we know our History!


Guy W. Gane III

Historical Producer/Casting Director

Old Timey Casting, LLC.