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Are you filming an historical project? Are you looking for historical hosts for your event?  You will need Costuming & Props Consultation and Rentals, Reenactor casting, & all the elements needed for the most authentic production.  Look no further!  We are here to help!

Old Timey Casting, LLC. is the home of the best film-ready Reenactors &  Actors for all sorts of projects.  From feature films, TV shows, Commercials, Event Hosts, & Historical Tours, Old Timey Casting, LLC. has successfully brought the best-of-the-best to the big screen, small screen, and bringing realism to your historical experience!

From the French & Indian War era to the Vietnam era, we have you covered!

Be unique.  Bring REAL history to the big screen.  From our Background Talent to our Principal Talent; from Military Training to Historical Advisement, we can provide the best fit for your project.

Ask around.  Old Timey Casting, LLC.  only delivers high-quality professional services.

We are the best choice for a reason… we know our History!


Guy W. Gane III

Founder & Owner

Old Timey Casting, LLC.

24 comments on “Old Timey Casting, LLC.

  1. Hello my name is Jason Shindledecker. I was wondering how i can join your team of actors. Im a CW reenactor/ living historian. I’ve been in a few documentaries as an extra. I was in a AHC documentary called Secrets of the Arsenal (Heroes) The Great Train Robbery, Racing the Times for the Maryland History Channel, & a few from England. I would love to be apart of your group of actors. Thank you for your time.


  2. I am an 1812 reenactor and a potter who specializes in 1800’s reproduction pottery. I’m not necessarily interested in acting but would live to offer my pottery or pottery making skills to a production.
    My 16 year old son and 21 year old daughter are reenactors as well.


  3. I live in Tombstone I have an IMDB credit for the “THE GUN DOWN” I’ve played westerns with the BBC and Wyatt Earp in Tombstone 11 years and in London please keep me in mind.
    Thanks James T Ferguson.


  4. Moving to NC. Oct 28
    I owe a Springfield rifle. Would love to work with all of you.

    I have experience. In front and behind camera. I think I would be a asset to the film . show.

    Moving to Hertford NC… 551 265 6000


  5. Hello. I would like some info on how I can audition for parts on a show or movie. I’m also interested in being a extra on any show or movie. I have experience as an extra on the show Turn.. Please email me or call me.

    Jason Collins


  6. hello, I am looking for information on your location for winston salem extras. Please e-mail me contact information if any positions are still open. Thank you


  7. Hey, i’m a 14 year old girl that lives in PA USA, i was wondering if you had a cast calls for me around Allentown PA? Please email me


    • Hi Emma! I don’t have anything for that particular area, though if I do hear of anything, I can contact you! Be sure to fill out our submission form on the FOUNDING FATHERS page within this site. It’ll ask for your sizing, etc. and when you send a headshot, be sure to note that we spoke on the webpage. 🙂



  8. Hi, I’m a 12 year old boy, I live in NC and I have done many plays. I would really like a chance to act as an extra and maybe get a chance to start working in film and television. I’ve had some training at an exclusive performing arts camp in Camptown, PA. and will be going back to Camp Ballibay for my third time this summer. I can do a pretty good British accent. I was instructed by the camp counselors. Most are from other countries and many of them are from Great Britain. I have long hair and I think I would be a good actor for a Revolutionary War themed tv show. I’m homeschooled and I can be anywhere most anytime. This is what I really want to do and my family is supportive.


  9. Are you still casting children for Founding Fathers? We would LOVE to work on this project. Looking forward to your response. Thank you, Mehgan Jarvie


  10. Good Morning 2-20-2016
    My name is Louie P. Ruiz (The Preacher Man)
    I ride with HOLE IN THE WALL GANG out of Lakeside Calif I’ve been on many episodes on the history channel and a bunch of 24 hour film making projects as a Reenactor and performed many skits with Hole In The Wall Gang If you need more info please contact me and I have many period correct clothes and guns
    Thx so much (THE PREACHER MAN)


  11. My name is Enayat Delawary, I have worked as actor, voice actor dialect coach, translator, (linguist) and casting associate in many major Afghanistan related Hollywood films, video games and TV productions: Charlie Wilson’s War (2007), Brothers (2009), Medal of Honor (2010), Call of Duty ıı (modern warfare) etc.


  12. Having worked with Guy over several projects and years, I most hartely recommend Old Timey as a well founded enterprise to any one looking for qualite work.
    I Remain Your Most Humble of Servants.
    Benjamin Franklin
    aka Rich Fox

    “A Mans character is known by the Characters he keeps”


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