New Talent Submission

Old Timey Casting, LLC. is currently looking for new faces for upcoming projects!

We are looking especially for Military and Civilian French & Indian War/Revolutionary War/War of 1812/Trapper/Mexican War/Western & Eastern Civil War/Spanish American War/World War I/World War II/and Vietnam Reenactors.

If you are an aspiring actor/actress, please submit!  We don’t just cast Reenactors!  We pride ourselves in finding talent of all kinds to fit the projects we work with.

**If you have already worked with us, no need to reapply, UNLESS your sizes have changed!  If you HAVE NOT worked with us yet, please apply!!**


  1. Please fill in the form at the following link: NEW TALENT SUBMISSION FORM
  2. Please send your headshot (with your name ON the photo) and resume in PDF or JPG format to
  3. Use the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):


Follow these examples:
JANE/JOHN SMITH, NEW TALENT – RE  (You are a Reenactor – with usable Wardrobe & Weapon)
JANE/JOHN SMITH, NEW TALENT – NON-RE(You are NOT a Reenactor – You have no Wardrobe or Props)

When you send your email with a headshot, resume, AND this form, your submission is considered complete.  WE NEED A HEADSHOT!! Even a selfie is better than nothing. If you have no previous experience, that’s ok!

Please submit only ONCE. Thanks so much for following our instructions!  Your submission does not guarantee work, but we hope to work with you soon!

Thank you for your submission!!

~The Old Timey Team

3 thoughts on “New Talent Submission

  1. Dustin Heisey-

    PEDOPHILE – raped his two younger brothers throughout their childhood. Is NOT allowed around his own children because of sexual assault and molestation allegations!!.. his youngest brother who he raped died of a drug addiction cverdose 3+months ago.

    Was arrested in Elizabethtown PA 20+ years ago for carrying an illegal unregistered handgun and was also not 21. Several other arrests and incarcerations as well.

    Served in the PA National Guard and was DISHONORABLY discharged.

    This person is a FRAUD and not the Patriot and or good human being that he wants people to think that he is!! People need to know this!!


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