New Talent Submission


Old Timey Casting, LLC. is currently looking for new faces for upcoming projects!

We are looking especially for Military and Civilian French & Indian War/Revolutionary War/War of 1812/Trapper/Mexican War/Western & Eastern Civil War/Spanish American War/World War I/World War II/and Vietnam Reenactors.

If you are an aspiring actor/actress, please submit!  We don’t just cast Reenactors!  We pride ourselves in finding talent of all kinds to fit the projects we work with.


**If you have already worked with us, no need to reapply, UNLESS your sizes have changed!  If you HAVEN’T worked with us yet, please apply!!**


  1. Please fill in the form at the following link: NEW TALENT SUBMISSION FORM
  2. Please send your headshot (with your name ON the photo) and resume in PDF or JPG format to
  3. Use the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission (personalized to YOU):


Follow these examples:
JANE/JOHN SMITH, NEW TALENT – RE  (You are a Reenactor – with usable Wardrobe & Weapon)
JANE/JOHN SMITH, NEW TALENT – NON-RE(You are NOT a Reenactor – You have no Wardrobe or Props)

When you send your email with a headshot, resume, AND this form, your submission is considered complete.  WE NEED A HEADSHOT!! Even a selfie is better than nothing. If you have no previous experience, that’s ok!

Please submit only ONCE. Thanks so much for following our instructions!  Your submission does not guarantee work, but we hope to work with you soon!

Thank you for your submission!!


Guy William Gane III


Old Timey Casting, LLC.

24 comments on “New Talent Submission

  1. I can authentically portray a wide variety of American Civil War impressions of enlisted men for the Federal and Confederate armies. I own multiple firearms from the period, both reproduction and original. I have been in three filmings before, including the Kennesaw Mountain national battlefield park and the Untold Civil War series.


  2. Been some projects in the past, helped with the movie Glory,Gettysburg, and Gods and Generals, worked the history channel on civil war terror episode-tape. Been on some smaller productions in the past , can provide my own impression s for civil war era civilian,military- both North and south. Officer or no- or private. East or western looks. Also Mexican war union impression. And also do 1812 war and pre war looks,federal period,and rev.war military too. Am willing to do speaking roles as needed, just want to help in anyway. Have been reenacting for over 30 years. Also own and run kandkmercantile with my wife Kathy. Can do repairs on leather goods as needed.Or help provide- sell goods or items authenticly too. Thankful, Keith( Kacey) Crager.


    • The following advice is to help you… if you have NO experience and you won’t drive a hour and a half to get to work in this industry, whether it’s as an extra or as a principal actor, then my suggestion to you is to move on….This industry is not for you.

      I’ve driven hours to work in film/tv – I’ve even paid for my own hotel room on numerous occasions – just so that I’m on time and ready to work. There were times, where the whole crew worked pass midnight, in mud, and with temperatures in the teens – and can I tell you, without hesitation, it was no fun and I hated it – but you take the good with the bad.

      Just the other day, it was sunny – around 65- 70 degrees – a beautiful day! That’s the good…! Suggestions: take any role you can, (with in reason,), build your acting resume, your confidence and your skills, and before you know it, you’re getting parts that will astonished you.

      And lastly: I’m no William Shakespeare when it comes to to writing (I’m sure you’ll find some mistakes with what I just wrote) but before you send out a statement for everyone to read and especially, a casting director or producer etc., I would have someone read your statement first – It’s pretty bad!

      Just a thought!


  3. Hello Guy. I recently worked with Brad Barnett on an episode of “The West”. He forwarded your information to me. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I’m currently working as a Core Background Artist and Featured Extra on ” OUTSIDERS “. It is set to air January 2016 on WGN. Please review the links I provided at your convenience. Thanks so much for your time.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Rothwell


  4. Though I have no experience. I think the next time you are in the Winchester area would be better for me. Richmond is too far away. Just to try but if I follow your page I will see am I correct?


  5. Would the extras need to be available both dates? Dec 9-13 AND Dec 17 – 19th? My son is interested but only available Dec 17 – 19th


  6. I can’t make it to Virginia, yet anywhere in Dallas/Ft Worth Texas area shooting and I’ll be there. I have the flintrock rifles, dress frontiersman 1770/early 1800 dress, etc. Would love to be part if ever in Texas.


  7. I have previous experience portraying John Wilkes Booth on “Secrets of the Arsenal,” which was the principal speaking role for that segment. In addition to firearms experience, I am a former professional equestrian. I am about two hours north of Richmond, however I would be happy to travel for this opportunity.


  8. I really enjoy the work I have done with you and am still available for upcoming projects. Will you notify us about new projects and if we have worked with you before how do we know if you want us to resubmit info about us. Thanks


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