C.S. Garments

Officer Goods

At this time, I have decided to only make the finest Confederate Officer uniforms a part of the catalog. Enlisted clothing is unavailable, currently.

Our Confederate Officer Trousers are made using a custom pattern drafted to your measurements. There are several styles, pocket and back belt options, as well as rank trim and back pockets. (Mounted trousers are not currently being offered.) Prices start at $300.

Ask about our Confederate Officer Vest options. Various styles of cloth, number of pockets, quilting, buttons, and more. Get yours made to size with the options you want!
Prices start at $350.

The Confederate Sack Coat is one that derived from Civilian styles where they were found comfortable enough to be worn in the field by officer grades of all sorts. Some were simply ones from Civilian life with a few pieces of trim to denote rank, where others were specifically made for military use. Trim, sleeve rank, pockets, buttons, and more can be added to give you the exact look you’re going for. Prices start at $575

The Confederate Frock Coat is one of the most widely seen military coats in all of the C.S. military campaigns. Double breasted coats were worn from Privates to Generals, and Single breasted coats were seen from the freshest new recruit to some of the most finely dressed field-grade (or desk-grade) officers. Styles vary widely and are up to your preferences (within historically correct parameters). Buttons, pockets, trim, and many more options are finally open to you! Your coat is made using a bespoke pattern, and historical sewing techniques to give you a garment so nice that it’ll be your most prized uniform. Single Breasted Coats start at $700. Double Breasted Coats start at $850.