U.S. Garments

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NOTE: ALL garments come with handsewn buttonholes. Sizes 48-52 add $40, Sizes 53 and above, please contact us directly.


Fatigue Blouse (Sack Coat) Commercial Variant –

                      UNLINED: $185 no seam felling; $255 w/ hand felling; $420 handsewn

                      LINED:      $265 hand/machine; $460 hand sewn.

Enlisted Dress (frock) Coat – (not available at this time)

New York State Jacket –  $260 Flannel; $285 Kersey; $295 Broadcloth (price may vary IMG_20170727_090939_009depending on options), & $185 Flannel Kit (inquire for pricing on Kersey/Broadcloth kits)

Mounted Service Jacket – (not available at this time)


J.T. Martin Trousers – $265 machined and handsewn details (Dark Blue or Sky-blue version available)IMG_2558

M&R Contract Trousers – O.T.R. exclusive! – (Sky-blue Flannel, lined with muslin, frog-mouth pockets, 90% machine sewn) – $190

“Mule Ear” Variant Trousers –  FLANNEL – $220 (all machined Dark Blue or Sky-blue Flannel/Cotton drill lining)KERSEY – $260 (machined/handwork Dark Blue or Sky-blue Kersey)

Mounted Trousers – (Currently unavailable)



NCO Requirements


“Gull Wing” Style – Mohair tape on Broadcloth

  • Corporal $32IMG_2914
  • Sergeant $42
  • Orderly Sergeant (1st Sgt.) $52
  • Ordnance Sergeant $57 (for regulation silk, please inquire)
  • Sergeant Major $75 (for regulation silk, please inquire)
  • Chief Musician (Please inquire)
  • Zouave (Please inquire)0111181633

Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Marine, Zouave styles available. For standard “V” shape chevrons with worsted wool or silk, please inquire.IMG_20180501_154529_128



Non-Commissioned Officer Trouser Tape:  Corporal – $20 or Sergeant – $30


Officer Requirements


Junior Officer Single Breasted Frock Coat – $670 ($400 deposit) base with no trim/straps/lacing (for options, see below)IMG_3586

Senior Officer Double Breasted Frock Coat –  $850 ($400 deposit) base with no trim/straps (for options, see below)IMG_2916








Single Breasted Shell Jacket – $300 – ENLISTED STYLE – Jean/Flannel;  OFFICER STYLE – $500 – Broadcloth (for options, see below)IMG_20180707_124021_449IMG_20170903_151620

Double Breasted Shell Jacket – $500- Jean/Flannel; $800 – Broadcloth





Single Breasted Sack Coat – PRIVATE PURCHASE STYLE – $400 – Flannel; OFFICER STYLE – $475 – Broadcloth (for options, see below)IMG_3229

Double Breasted Sack Coat – OFFICER STYLE – $650 – Broadcloth (for options, see below)IMG_3314









Foot Pattern – $280 High quality broadcloth or kersey available. Includes branch of service side-seam trim & japanned buttons.IMG_20181221_100122_858

Mounted Pattern – $350  – High quality broadcloth or kersey available. Includes branch of service side-seam trim & japanned buttons.








Extra pockets – please inquire

Shoulder Straps – please inquire and specify rank/branch. Single Border, Double Border (limited quantities), and Subdued Rank is available.

Velvet – $35 collar or cuffsIMG_3205

To inquire or place an order, please email OldTimeyRags@gmail.com.

As of 3/1/2019, we are looking at a 7 month turn around, or sooner.  Rush orders are additional. *Also note – some materials may not be available at the time of ordering. With that in mind, we will stay in touch*

MARCH 15th, we will no longer be taking new orders.  Please contact us in the meantime!