What do you think?

How do you feel about battlefields and the alarming rate at which they are being destroyed?

Share your feelings below.

Princeton Battlefield Construction

*feature image copyright of Don Troiani & Historical Art Prints http://www.dontroiani.com “Washington at the Battle of Princeton, 1777” by Don Troiani

4 comments on “What do you think?

  1. Guy, I just posted a video about the desecration of the Princeton battlefield on several timelines on FB. Thanks for your alerting folks to this also. BTW, I am in Richmond today, since Saturday, when as General Washington, I knelt and placed on a gravestone at Richmond National Cemetery a wreath from Washington County Maine, one of the many placed as part of this year’s Wreaths Across America. Any time for coffee and conversation? I am at an office at Parham and Staples Mill.


  2. I think it is terribly sad that we don’t respect our history enough to prevent it from being bulldozed… it should be a resource on many levels for the future; including, to remind us of what war is and costs when it isn’t far away in another country and to be reminded that good men/women of character fought it on both sides.


  3. U can’t change History. By its very definition, its already happened! You can change the outcome of tomorrow, but yesterdays already gone.


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