Casting Call! (Gettysburg, PA) (Closed)





Union / Non-Union: NON-UNION

Production Type: MUSIC VIDEO

Project length: 5 MINUTES

Project format: 4K UHD

Posted on:  May 9, 2016

Production location:  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Production Company:  Blurple, Inc.

Producer Website:

Director:  Bryce Morgan

Executive Producer: Aja Warren

Producer:  Katrina Kudlick

Historical Producer: Guy W. Gane III

Historical Casting:  Old Timey Casting, LLC.

Shooting Location:  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Email: (headshot/resume/reel submission email only)

Subject Heading: (First & Last Name) – MUSIC VIDEO

Compensation: Non-Paid, however Food, Credit, & Powder/Caps provided. All amenities will be provided – Water, Crafty, Port-0-jons, etc.


Shooting Starts/Ends:  June 11, 2016



This will be a music video for The Aja Warren Band’s song, “Waiting”.

The video will feature historical situations featuring the characters needed, below!

Characters Needed:

Federal Cavalrymen – Reenactors WITH Cavalry Mounted Services Jacket.  Firearm can be Spencer or other carbines subject to approval. High Quality Forage cap is a must. Mounted (reinforced) Trousers are preferred, but Infantry contract trousers accepted. Sabers not needed. Boots preferred, but will accept Brogans. Facial hair a plus, but not necessary.  Shorter hair preferred (above ears). Character faces preferred (scars, etc), but not necessary.

Civilians/Bushwhackers – Reenactors WITH Civilian-style clothing.  Sack Coats, Frock Coats, Paletots, Overshirts, (Earth tones preferred), Top Hats, Wheel caps, boots or brogans, etc.  Civilian pistols preferred, others subject to approval.  Converted flint to percussion muskets, Mississippi Rifles, Various short carbines/rifles preferred. No military items in kit. Must be Civilian. Facial hair a plus, but not necessary. Shorter hair preferred, but will accept hair below the ears. If you are able to ride a horse, please note that. If you have a horse and are from the Gettysburg area, PLEASE let us know!

Women & Children – N/A currently.  If this changes, we will post an update.


Fill out the New Talent Submission if you are a NEW submission. If you have submitted with us in a previous project, please EMAIL us knowing you are available.

WE NEED PICTURES OF YOU IN FULL KIT!  All other submissions will be ignored. Use the email address, below.

This call is for REENACTORS who own the above impressions. Wardrobe will NOT be available.

New Talent Submission Form: Follow this LINK

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and we hope to work with you soon!

The Old Timey Team

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