Modeling Opportunity! – Gettysburg, PA

his-first-lesson-frederic-remington                                                                                           “His First Lesson” – Frederic Remington

Hi Everyone!


Paid Modeling Gig – $100 cash

To continue a series of 100% accurate historical portraits, this next round of modeling will be a Cowboy circa 1880.
Available for this photo shoot will be one saddle horse with the correct tack and seat. Full garments from head to toe will be clothing by Uriah Cap. This happens local to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. “Mighty” will be our horse, and will be controlled by Paul Smith (owner).

The size requirements are as follows.    head 7 1/4    (22 3/4″)   neck 16.5″ – 17″   chest 42″   height 5′ 10″  weight 185 limit    waist  36″    foot size 10
A fitting for acceptance will be necessary, followed by another date for the photo shoot. The model should be 35 years or less without grey hair.
Another modeling need is a focus on a kit from 1898, the uniform worn in the Spanish-American War.  Sizing will be forthcoming. Again, this is Uriah Cap clothing.

If you:

* fit the above requirements
* have reliable transportation
* are local to, or nearby Gettysburg, PA
…then please email us at with a selfie of you right now, and a full body shot, as well.
You will be notified via email if you have been selected, and will be followed up with a phone call.
Thank you, and we hope to see you there!
The Old Timey Team

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